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Touchless Data Sharing

Through the innovation of NFC technology, Beyondant offers an array of products with built-in NFC technology. This allows any device with the ability to pick up the NFC chip to receive whatever data, website, or social profile the owner of the Beyondant item sets as the trigger.

NFC Business Cards

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Better Networking

The look on people's faces when they receive all my contact info from my card without touching it is priceless!

John D. (Entrepreneur)

More Business Reviews

We gave all our servers Beyondant bracelets and now we get a new positive review nearly everyday. Best investment we ever made!

Sarah P. (Restaurant Owner)

Social Media Boost

I've never had more organic followers on my IG until I started rocking a Beyondant bracelet. Anywhere I meet someone I just tap their phone with the bracelet and my IG pops up!

Jarod O.