4.(p) - Beyondant Waterproof Bemorial Tags

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With your Beyondant Bemorial Tags you can: 

  • Place these Waterproof Tags anywhere, can be used outdoors to connect videos of your loved ones or even at religious institutions to memorialize or acknowledge someone for donating or just information that you wish people to receive.
  • Add your BeyondantTags to Counters, Windows, Desks etc. 
  • Great for restaurants on the bar “Happy Hour Menu” or on tables as the “Menu”.
  • Uploads information such as your Business Logo and Company Link, Contact information, Social Media:  Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Music Playlist, Professional Scheduling, External Links, Business Web Page, and much more.
  • Quickly exchanges contact details when the Tag is placed near a cell phone.
  • No typing or texting needed works automatically/seamlessly.
  • Promote your business effortlessly and be the talk of the group.
  • Instantly transfers the data you provide to one's contact list on their cell phone.
  • Information can be changed on the fly.
  • User encryption as only authorized parties can access your data.
  • Share your profile with friends and acquaintances without typing a single word. 
  • Endless applications.

 Simply tap your iPhone or Android phone and your profile will display. 

(SmartPhones - iPhone Late Model X series & above - Android 2016 & above) 

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